Tuesday, 13 September 2011


100% = Masterwork

  80% = Very Good

  60% = Mediocre

  40% = Fair

  20% = Poor

Frank TALKER never rates anything “0%” since the mere fact of making something is positive - and one needs to give some kind of positive rating just for that simple fact.

Frank TALKER has two basic assessment criteria:

  1. Is it Good; ie, does Execution match Intention? &,
  2. is it Entertaining; ie, is it boring because Form does not match Content?

Moreover, any assessed work should strive to balance the following by:

  1. Educating;
  2. Informing; &,
  3. Entertaining.

Because media products exist in the real world, Frank TALKER analyzes them in the real-world social context in which they are produced and used. He looks at what is going on in the culture within which such words & images are circulating.

Frank TALKER’s approach to criticism comes from mass-communication research:

  1. Textual analysis: What are the work’s codes & conventions, what narrative strategies are used & what ideology is conveyed?
  2. Political economy: How is production organized, what are the conditions of production, how is production financed & who profits?
  3. Reception studies: How do people use the product, under what conditions do they consume it & what role does it play in their lives?

Frank TALKER addresses the Metaphysical, Epistemological, Ethical & Political questions arising from Esthetic products, producers and their consumers.

As with people in real life, Frank TALKER speaks as he finds and takes people as they are. Therefore, Frank TALKER only criticizes something for being what it is - insofar as Frank TALKER can perceive what something is.